“Dear Carrie, Where does one begin?” A lesson in JUST DOING IT!

https://flavorwire.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/521600-carrie_bradshaw1.jpg?w=514Like thousands of other twenty, thirty, forty,  fifty somethings, I have been inspired to write by the lovely, fashion-forward, sometimes unlucky in love Carrie Bradshaw, of Sex and the City fame.  Writing often seemed effortless to Carrie, with a unique voice and creative drive that seemed to land her fame and a little fortune not only in the Big Apple, but also across an ocean of miles to Paris, France.  It seemed that her insight was just natural, her writing revered.  Although she posed questions as a catalyst to her columns, her informal research methods and creativity of content seemed to ooze from every inch of her petite frame.  Deliciously fictitious, (no struggling writer could ever pull off that expensive shoe collection!) Carrie Bradshaw showed women that they could write about their everyday life circumstances and turn it into beauty, art and wisdom.  And because we never saw what Carrie went through before she landed her column in the New York Observer, we are led to believe that she achieved her success overnight.

“…and so, I couldn’t help but wonder…How exactly does a successful columnist/blogger catch her audience on the edge of her every last word, soaking in her advice as if it rained down from the heavens themselves…?”

the world may never know.

And until I figure it out…

I give you…

my first blog post.

Happy Wandering!


One thought on ““Dear Carrie, Where does one begin?” A lesson in JUST DOING IT!

  1. “Loved it” The hard work to get anywhere in life does not show its face to the world, yet the success that everyone does see, shines like the brightest light!

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