Yoga Practice




My yoga practice is at the center of my life and I consider myself a dedicated yogi (for over 11 years now)  What started out as a way to enhance a traditional cardio/weights routine, yoga quickly catapulted me onto spiritual journey, one in which I would ditch the gym for good in favor of the mat.  Throughout the years, I’ve practiced at many noteworthy Chicago studios and have enjoyed various practices such as vinyasa, hatha and yin.  It wasn’t until I moved into my current home in Pilsen that I was able to establish a steady, nourishing practice in my own space, near my very special altar.  I had always longed for a home practice and now I have it! This doesn’t mean that I make up my own sequences, however.  (Maybe someday!)  With a few hundred classes, meditations and workshops, Gaia is my go-to for streaming yoga (through Amazon).  The subscription is under $10/month and I feel warm and cozy practicing in my own home, and smart because I’m saving a ton of money!

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